The University of California offers more than 600 graduate degree programs across 10 campuses. Learn how to prepare for grad school and apply to the program that’s right for you.

    Why UC?

    UC is one of the world’s premier research universities. Our doctoral programs rank among the best anywhere and our graduate students go on to make outsized contributions to the arts, to research, to their local and to the global community.

    At UC, you’ll join a diverse community of people from around the world, representing many socioeconomic, cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds. Together, you’ll make the world a better place.

    Don’t wait to set your dreams in motion. Start here. Start now.

    Find the right fit

    Use the graduate degree search tool to discover which UC campuses offer Ph.D. programs in your area of interest.

    Diversity at UC

    Diversity is at the core of UC. Many graduate preparatory opportunities are available to students from underrepresented populations.

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