San Francisco

UC San Francisco is a recognized world leader in health sciences research and education.

Its highly ranked Ph.D. and master's programs in basic and translational sciences, social and population sciences, and clinical sciences are delivered by a distinguished faculty that includes Nobel laureates, Lasker, MacArthur and Shaw award recipients, and scores of National Academy of Sciences members.

Nearly all UCSF graduate programs cross disciplines, generating opportunities to collaborate, expand knowledge and participate in breakthroughs that advance human health on a global scale. UCSF’s innovative and immersive programs combine rigorous class work with cutting- edge research. Access to state-of-the art labs, equipment and core facilities keeps graduate students ahead of the technological curve. Career planning and development activities position students to lead in academia, biotechnology or science and health policy.

Campus life

The San Francisco Bay Area is the birthplace of biotech and home to many of the largest, most innovative technology companies in the world. With its rich and colorful cultural history, it also is a place where visual, performing and literary arts thrive. In 2012, San Francisco was ranked the No. 1 city in America on Bloomberg Businessweek’s annual “Best Cities” list, which looks at recreational activities, economic health, air quality, safety, education and crime. The region has great natural beauty, with numerous parks and beaches within easy reach. UCSF students find endless opportunities to explore nearly any intellectual, creative or outdoor pursuits they desire.

UCSF is the only UC campus dedicated to graduate-level study in health sciences. Students can be found in UCSF locations across the city, including Mission Bay, a world-class research hub where three state-of-the-art hospitals opened in February 2015.

Campus snapshot

  • Student body: 3,170 graduate students
  • Graduate programs: 25+
  • Setting: Urban

Summer research programs

Completing a research project before you apply to graduate school can help you be a competitive applicant. UC San Francisco offers several summer research programs for undergraduates and master's students.


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