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Alternative Degree Type: What is an Articulated Degree? What is an Concurrent Degree? What is an Joint Degree?
Admissions: What is Admit directly to Ph.D.?

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Admit directly to Ph.D.Program does not require an applicant to possess a master's degree in order to be admitted to a doctoral program. An applicant may be admitted if they only possess a bachelor's degree.

Articulated degree programDual degree program that does not allow any credit overlap. Articulated programs are offered by academic and/or professional programs on the same campus.

Concurrent degree programDual degree program that provides an integrated curriculum of greater breadth between two disciplines. Concurrent programs are offered by academic and/or professional programs on the same campus.

Joint degree programDegree program offered jointly by two or more institutions. Joint programs are offered between different UC campuses, as well as between a UC campus and California State University (CSU) campus.