Start preparing now to develop yourself as a strong UC graduate school candidate.

Explore your options

It’s never too early to start preparing for graduate school. Check out these tips for researching prospective graduate programs and establishing important relationships that will help you in applying to graduate school.

Gain research experience

Participating in research projects — during the school year and/or summer — will give you a competitive edge by demonstrating that you're capable of conducting research and studying at the graduate level. You'll also develop relationships with mentors who can help you on your path to graduate school.

Grad school planner

Follow this roadmap to develop yourself as a strong graduate school candidate. Ideally, begin to prepare for grad school during your freshman year. But even if you're a sophomore, junior or senior, it's not too late to get started.

Returning after taking a break

If you're thinking about taking some time off after completing your undergraduate degree, check out these tips to ensure that you’ll be a competitive applicant when the time comes to apply.

Boost your academic record

Concerned about a GPA below 3.5 or a disappointing GRE score? Follow these suggestions to enhance your likelihood of admission.

Worried about money?

Don't let finances stop you from applying to grad school. Many resources are available to help cover the costs of your graduate education.


GRE and other standardized tests

Many programs require the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) or other standardized test for admission.

Prepare for and take tests early so you will have time to study and retake them if you're not satisfied with your score.