University of California graduate admissions


Where can I explore my research interests? Who will my colleagues be? Which campus offers my degree program?

Two students talking under a tree on campus.

Each UC campus offers a unique blend of learning experiences and lifestyles. Whichever one you pick, you’ll have access to the professional networks, facilities and resources provided by all 10 campuses that make up the UC system.


Overlooking the San Francisco Bay, UC Berkeley boasts cutting-edge facilities that support innovative, interdisciplinary research-based and professional degree programs.

Students: 45,036 total / 13,222 graduate students Graduate Programs: 100+


Distinguished scholars, a collaborative community, cutting-edge research, as well as innovative and responsive teaching exemplify the values which form the foundation of UC Davis.

Students: 39,937 total / 8,280 graduate students Graduate Programs: 99


Rigorous academics, cutting-edge research and leadership development rank UC Irvine among the nation’s top universities, with a growing list of professional schools and programs, and new degrees in language sciences, global studies and data science.

Students: 36,505 total / 7,056 graduate students Graduate Programs: 85+


With more graduate students than any UC campus, UCLA combines the close-knit learning environment of a dynamic public school with the endless opportunities of a world-class city.

Students: 46,116 total / 13,994 graduate students Graduate Programs: 140+


UC Merced faculty members are dedicated to nurturing an academic culture that fosters interdisciplinary research. Through rigorous classroom and laboratory experience, UC Merced graduate students receive a world-class education.

Students: 9,093 total / 772 graduate students Graduate Programs: 18+


Ranked in the top 15 for best public universities in the nation, and first for social mobility, UC Riverside has created a new model for what a great public research university can achieve.

Students: 26,840 total / 3,972 graduate students Graduate Programs: 50+

San Diego

Known for a collaborative, diverse, cross-disciplinary ethos, UC San Diego fosters a supportive graduate community committed to students’ academic and professional success.

Students: 41,885 total / 8,542 graduate students Graduate Programs: 85+

San Francisco

UA world leader in health sciences research and education, UCSF features a collaborative culture focused on understanding, preventing and treating disease

Students: 3,165 total / 3,165 graduate students Graduate Programs: 30+

Santa Barbara

UC Santa Barbara is known for its culture of collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship, and its pioneering work in new fields.

Students: 26,118 total / 3,027 graduate students Graduate Programs: 50+

Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz is a dynamic place, where people from different walks of life come together to explore, discover, and contribute new knowledge, leading to careers and lives of meaning, purpose, and impact.

Students: 19,841 total / 1,977 graduate students Graduate Programs: 40+